Necklace Sizing Guide

Looking mysterious in the right necklace is good, being mystified to which size to order isn't. Let's take care of that.


The best way to determine which size necklace to order is to measure a necklace you like the fit of from end to end. 

Keep in mind that human beings come in every shape and size, so a choker on one person might be a short necklace with some slack on another. 

If that's not an option, maybe we can figure something out.

13-15 INCHES

Chokers in the 13-15" range fit women and smaller men just at the base of the neck, resting on or above the collarbone. You typically want to leave about a finger's width of room for the tight collar look.


16" necklaces are short necklaces that sit just below the collar bone on most women and small men. For some people, a 16" chain might be right above the collarbone.


Most people will fit into an 18" necklace. On petite women, an 18" necklace might fall 3-4 inches below the collarbone, and on some men, this may be collarbone height.


Again, it's best to find out the length of an existing necklace if you have one, but it's possible to get a somewhat accurate measurement if you have a cloth measuring tape or a spare shoelace sitting around. Look into a mirror and measure around your neck and at the length you prefer. If you're measuring for a choker, you may want to add an inch or so depending on how tightly you're wrapping.